Adding links to topics?

Continuing the discussion from GitLab tools: labels, kanban board, milestones:

Is that a thing in any other system? The idea is it would be nice to just add a bunch of reference links to a topic?

Perhaps in the case listed above, the idea would be to turn the starting topic post into a wiki so that others are allowed to edit it to add such links?

Or perhaps the point is to make a normal wiki page that captures the stuff the topic is discussing…?

First, I had no idea that I’d automatically be “one-boxed”. So I’m pleasantly surprised that Discourse specially supports the notion of a link-only response. :smiley:

Not that I know of.

Basically. It just struck me as very strangely one-directional that, in the reaction buttons below a reply, I could make a link to the topic elsewhere, but not the other way around.

Imagine a chain icon below your response as a reaction from me, instead of a smiley face or thumbs-up (agree). Clicking on it would follow the link.

Then again, maybe that’s a bad idea because it might conceal the link too much. Maybe it should be done the way Discourse does it: one-boxes.

That might be a really good idea. :bulb: I was not thinking about it that hard.

I do believe that’s gated behind some trust level, but of course we can adjust trust level reqs as appropriate.