Add more Mimi & Eunice here in the forum

It would be really nice to include Mimi & Eunice characters in places here such as:

  • the message users get if their post is flagged (done right, it will help reduce negative emotions/reactions) (should I go ahead and make a GitLab issue for this case?)
  • many more places… In general, I encourage designers to keep an eye out for good places as you use the forum
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That would be a good idea. While this has no high priority I still want to not that we should not over do this and take care to not make them appear too frequent and only where it makes sense. They don’t have to pop up too often.

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Alright, I made an issue for the flagging message(s):

I’m not going to add any further for now, but if other places arise, we can do that. Possibilities might be: welcome messages, forum category descriptions, groups / about page… none of those seem as important as the flagging messages.

Yea, I agree. We don’t want them everywhere, but they should be a part of the background branding of I just recently finished going through the introductory learning process that @discobot takes you through. Maybe we could replace his process with Eunice?

Again, not high priority, but it adds to the culture and lore of

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