Add crowdmatching to other funding software

I had the idea that crowdmatching could be added to other free software funding platforms.

One software that i often see used by single individuals is fosspay.

Here are some instances of it:

Would you appreciate when they implement crowdmatching? Do you think we should even implement it for them?

As much as I want crowdmatching to succeed, this suggestion directly goes against your linked post How can we make our solution not work for exclusive club goods? (which I sympathize with, as I said there)

I have mixed feelings, but I think crowdmatching is more about the holistic design and experience. Of course, once people experience it and get it, it’s trivial enough to add it to other tools. But I want us to have the opportunity to frame it around FLO values, public goods, other ethics, etc. If tying all this in is blocking crowdmatching from ever launching and having an impact, that would be bad. Perfect is the enemy of good. But I don’t want random projects to just start doing crowdmatching, especially without the right UX and framing. The risk is that people try it and decide that it doesn’t work but it was really just presented badly or applied to poorly-fit projects. And the other risk is that people think it’s okay but fail to see why it’s a solution to public goods funding and they fail to learn about public goods.

As I said in the other post:

So, would getting crowdmatching added to fosspay be focusing on technical success instead of political success?

Incidentally, we do list fosspay at

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