Activity digest emails opt-*in*

We support the aims of the new European GDPR law and aim to extend respect for privacy to everyone around the planet. We now have set even basic notification and digest emails off by default for new users. [UPDATE: we decided at this point to leave digest off by default but personal notifications on] Without that, the only way to see what you’ve missed is to visit the forum again and check.

If you want such notifications, please turn them on in your preferences. In general, Discourse offers a lot of flexibility to get notified at the best level for you, whether overall update emails or watching specific topics or categories.

Thanks for joining us here!

I posted this banner for now, but it can be tweaked or adjusted… although we’re sticking with opt-in, we certainly want people to realize it and not think that just nothing is happening and forget about the forum after signing up.

Probably we can do some more ideal UX tweak eventually to make it a better proactive opt-in process.

Once we fully-announce, it would be nice to figure out how this fits into the onboarding process.

I think it might be better to add this to the message discobot sends new accounts instead of making it a banner across the site, visible even to people who don’t have accounts.

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Okay, as long as it’s really bold and obvious. Maybe use some in-line style markup or something to make it stand out?

It’s okay with me if you change this.

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We’re going back to the default of having it on, as it’s too hard to prompt people to opt-in, it’s not obvious enough. It is arguable at least that signing up for our forum includes the expectation of keeping updated on activity here (I don’t fully agree with that argument, but the software takes that position and just isn’t designed to work well with the opt-in approach).