A snowdrift code hackathon this weekend or next?

Ref: Schedule a Snowdrift backend hackathon (#620) · Issues · Snowdrift.coop / snowdrift · GitLab

As part of @smichel17 doing dedicated time over the next month+ for snowdrift, he wants to do a code hackathon to deal with a couple key outstanding issues.

I’m posting this to invite anyone who can help, especially haskellers @chreekat @Adroit and anyone else, but anyone with some perspective on web development is welcome.

Here’s a whenisgood to check availability for next couple weekends: WhenIsGood: Snowdrift code hackathon


Also, you might consider posting the results link?

Sure, results: WhenIsGood: Snowdrift code hackathon Event Results

Only Stephen has replied so far, not @Adroit or anyone else

Also, all the dates are in the past now. Bryan and I chatted separately. He has little free time/energy at the moment and is unlikely to be able to attend. Let’s not worry about his availability when scheduling, and if he can drop in briefly, that’ll be an added bonus.

I’m planning on turning to my focus to the website starting Monday. If it’s just Connor and I, we can chat 1-on-1 to schedule whatever makes sense. If others show up who’re interested, we can make another poll.