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I'm Michael Siepmann, aka The Tech Design Psychologist (1)
Hello, I'm CANAWEN (4)
Hello snowdrift coop world (4)
Diddly Doo. Up for helping with ops thing maybe...Aaron made me say it (5)
Hi, I'm Francis (@fvila789) (8)
Stranger in a strange land (1)
Hi, I'm Leo, a platform cooperative enthusiast! (2)
I'm Stephen, interested in underlying systems (1)
Athan here! A Quick Bio (1)
Hi there, I'm Robert, designing stuff (1)
Hey this is Charles (3)
Hi everyone, this is a little tiny post for introducing myself (1)
Jake here! Seeking to make programming better, the FLO way (1)
Hi all, I'm Aaron, co-founder here (1)
Hi, I'm Jason Brown (2)
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