Clearing the Path

Website development roadmap [Development] (4)
Create a new page that explains the mechanism in more detail [Design] (3)
Should we close low priority gitlab issues? [Project Management] (3)
Potential badge icons for patrons, design volunteering ( 2 ) [Design] (21)
Handling duplicate accounts [Development] (1)
What is the scope for inital expansion to support other projects? [Project Management] (4)
Sass/css design for new Terms of Service [Design] (2)
Wolftune's check-in 2018-10-30 [Project Management] (3)
Snowdrift GitLab should clearly identify itself in email as being distinct from [Project Management] (3)
Noting code concerns in advance of design work [Project Management] (5)
Individualized support: What we offer and how we communicate that we offer it [Project Management] (1)
Crowdmatching dollar amounts inaccurate ( 2 ) [Design] (33)
Confusing, non-standard pass reset UX [Design] (3)
Auth case-sensitivity [Design] (14)
CSS concerns for the Wiki [Design] (1)
Consent as a principle in design guides? [Design] (3)
Code-of-conduct for sysadmin(s)? [Project Management] (4)
Snowdrift Video - finally [Design] (12)
Projects that might be overlapping [Outreach] (1)
Updating the Badges [Outreach] (4)
Video hosting decision-making [Project Management] (2)
Meetings notes format followup & metrics proposal [Project Management] (3)
Add more Mimi & Eunice here in the forum [Design] (5)
Making small-donation levels clear (e.g. $ vs ¢ signs in video and how-it-works?) [Design] (7)
Enabling, embracing quick iterative fixes on the site [Project Management] (7)
Maintaining a changelog of policy decisions [Project Management] (2)
The landing page should link more prominently to /p/snowdrift [Design] (12)
Adjust the match base to 1¢? [Design] (2)
Planning meeting agendas in advance [Project Management] (2)
Should /p redirect to /projects? [Design] (3)