Clearing the Path

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Individualized support: What we offer and how we communicate that we offer it [Project Management] (1)
Crowdmatching dollar amounts inaccurate ( 2 ) [Design] (33)
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Video hosting decision-making [Project Management] (2)
Meetings notes format followup & metrics proposal [Project Management] (3)
Add more Mimi & Eunice here in the forum [Design] (5)
Making small-donation levels clear (e.g. $ vs ¢ signs in video and how-it-works?) [Design] (7)
Enabling, embracing quick iterative fixes on the site [Project Management] (7)
Maintaining a changelog of policy decisions [Project Management] (2)
The landing page should link more prominently to /p/snowdrift [Design] (12)
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What should I prioritize when at CLS and OSCON? [Outreach] (1)
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