Clearing the Path

Co-op Topics around running as a platform co-op… Design Topics about the user experience and visual design of our sites. Development Topics around the main platform code and any broader development issues Project Management Discuss our organizational tools and techniques, governance, etc. Outreach Discuss connecting with patrons, projects, press, partners, volunteers…
This topic is for discussing the platform and its work [Clearing the Path] (1)
Core messaging on "Why Crowdmatching" [Design] (3)
Relevant article on avoiding Javascript heaviness [Development] (2)
Drafting intake forms for potential new projects [Outreach] (16)
Remote coworking weekly routine [Project Management] (9)

In meeting today, we discussed coworking more and decided on a first trial schedule of having a concrete plan to cowork on [UPDATED TIME from discussion below] Mondays and Wednesday 20:00UTC (That’s 12PM-1PM Pacific time…

Update the MR review policy for design review [Project Management] (4)
Proposal for bringing on new volunteers and team members [Project Management] (2)
Sociocracy 3.0: Drivers [Project Management] (2)
How to frame situation when a project has a low number of patrons [Design] (11)
Geert Lovink and MoneyLab conference in Siegen, Germany [Outreach] (1)
[draft] Governance overhaul / roles to recruit for [Project Management] (6)
Governance updates in response to tensions [Project Management] (1)
Manual migrations [Development] (3)
Using the Kanban boards in GitLab (plus Wolftune check-in) [Project Management] (4)
Engaging with Hacker News comments [Outreach] (3)
Where / how (formats…) should we host videos? [Development] (17)
Try other Jitsi Meet instances for meetings? [Project Management] (2)
Who should do code reviews on Sass changes? [Development] (4)
What skill sets are short? [Project Management] (5)
Current Priority: Alpha Visual Design milestone [Development] (2)
Presenting the team publicly [Design] (5)
Using "featured" (pinned) blog posts [Outreach] (2)
Githost going away. Choose, Framagit, or self-host? ( 2 ) [Project Management] (26)
What should the HTML "meta description" be? [Design] (9)
LFNW Milestone Goals [Project Management] (6)
Bring back Libravatar? [Design] (3)
Converting the whole site to the new layout (section vs .section) [Development] (5)
Marking when donor declines any rewards? [Outreach] (3)
Overview of funding status for FLO video editors [Outreach] (1)
100 Pledges! Woo-hoo! [Outreach] (1)