Clearing the Path

Co-op Topics around running as a platform co-op… Development Topics around the main platform code and any broader development issues Project Management Discuss our organizational tools and techniques, governance, etc. Legal Public discussion of legal concerns around the ecosystem. Design Topics about the user experience and visual design of our sites. Outreach Discuss connecting with patrons, projects, press, partners, volunteers…
This topic is for discussing the platform and its work [Clearing the Path] (1)
Potential badge icons for patrons, design volunteering [Design] (18)
Where / how (formats…) should we host videos? [Development] (13)
Githost going away. Choose, Framagit, or self-host? ( 2 ) [Project Management] (23)
Our updated Terms of Service do not allow multiple accounts [Legal] (5)
Handling duplicate accounts [Development] (1)
What is the scope for inital expansion to support other projects? [Project Management] (4)
Update the MR review policy for design review [Project Management] (2)
Presenting the team publicly [Design] (4)
Sass/css design for new Terms of Service [Design] (2)
GDPR Compliance [Legal] (7)
Wolftune's check-in 2018-10-30 [Project Management] (3)
Proposal for bringing on new volunteers and team members [Project Management] (1)
Snowdrift GitLab should clearly identify itself in email as being distinct from [Project Management] (3)
Noting code concerns in advance of design work [Project Management] (5)
Individualized support: What we offer and how we communicate that we offer it [Project Management] (1)
Crowdmatching dollar amounts inaccurate ( 2 ) [Design] (33)
Confusing, non-standard pass reset UX [Design] (3)
Auth case-sensitivity [Design] (14)
CSS concerns for the Wiki [Design] (1)
Bring back Libravatar? [Design] (2)
Consent as a principle in design guides? [Design] (3)
Website development roadmap [Development] (3)
Code-of-conduct for sysadmin(s)? [Project Management] (4)
Snowdrift Video - finally [Design] (12)
Projects that might be overlapping [Outreach] (1)
Updating the Badges [Outreach] (4)
Video hosting decision-making [Project Management] (2)
Confidentiality [Legal] (1)
Meetings notes format followup & metrics proposal [Project Management] (3)