Clearing the Path

Co-op Topics around running as a platform co-op… Legal Public discussion of legal concerns around the ecosystem. Development Topics around the main platform code and any broader development issues Project Management Discuss our organizational tools and techniques, governance, etc. Outreach Discuss connecting with patrons, projects, press, partners, volunteers… Design Topics about the user experience and visual design of our sites.
This topic is for discussing the platform and its work [Clearing the Path] (1)
Snowdrift Video - finally [Design] (12)
Projects that might be overlapping [Outreach] (1)
Updating the Badges [Outreach] (4)
Video hosting decision-making [Project Management] (2)
Where / how (formats…) should we host videos? [Development] (8)
Confidentiality [Legal] (1)
Code-of-conduct for sysadmin(s)? [Project Management] (3)
Meetings notes format followup & metrics proposal [Project Management] (3)
Githost going away. Choose, Framagit, or self-host? ( 2 ) [Project Management] (22)
Add more Mimi & Eunice here in the forum [Design] (5)
Making small-donation levels clear (e.g. $ vs ¢ signs in video and how-it-works?) [Design] (7)
Enabling, embracing quick iterative fixes on the site [Project Management] (7)
Maintaining a changelog of policy decisions [Project Management] (2)
The landing page should link more prominently to /p/snowdrift [Design] (12)
Crowdmatching dollar amounts inaccurate ( 2 ) [Design] (26)
Adjust the match base to 1¢? [Design] (2)
Planning meeting agendas in advance [Project Management] (2)
Should /p redirect to /projects? [Design] (3)
Using tags in the forum to announce events? [Outreach] (9)
Deleting our Taiga projects [Project Management] (2)
GitLab tools: labels, kanban board, milestones [Project Management] (4)
Gitlab tags for prioritizing [Project Management] (4)
Where to keep (and to have links) to docs about our working process? [Project Management] (2)
What should I prioritize when at CLS and OSCON? [Outreach] (1)
GNU Social, needing to move our account! Use [Outreach] (1)
Is GDPR compliance truly high priority? [Project Management] (5)
Anonymizing users and their history [Development] (3)
GDPR Compliance [Legal] (6)
Add limit UI element to the illustration? [Design] (10)